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Welcome to Psycho Killer. If you’re obsessed with authentic true-crime stories you’ve come to the right place. Psycho Killer is a podcast made by real homicide investigators for true-crime connoisseurs like you.

Psycho Killer combines a detective’s powers of investigation with a journalist’s nose for a story to bring you insights and exposés from the darkest corners of the human psyche.

Our British sleuths pore over the evidence, challenge contemporary decisions and take nothing for granted. We reveal what really happens in a murder hunt — the triumphs and the tragedies.

So go ahead. Get closer. We'll see you on the dark side.

Charles Rotherham & The Bessie Sheppard Murder

This haunting tale dates back to 1817. Bessie Sheppard was a teenage girl living in turbulent times. Her violent death at the hands of vagrant ex-soldier Charles Rotherham traumatised her community in the heart of Sherwood Forest. Local gentlemen erected a memorial to Bessie and, to the puzzlement of researchers, her murderer. Rotherham was hanged in chains, but as we discovered, his execution was the beginning of a fascinating piece of folklore.

The murder stone is at WTW intervals.many.luck. Please take care if you visit because the site is beside a busy main road.

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The Bunnyman Mystery

A hatchet supposedly thrown through the window of Air Force cadet Robert Bennett's car while parked in the 5400 block of Guinea Road, Fairfax, VA, October 31 1970.Come with us as we chase a rabbit down a hole — a blood-thirsty psychopath dressed in a monstrous, man-size bunny costume. Parents and grandparents in Fairfax, VA, are supposed to warn their children: "Be good, or the Bunnyman'll get you!"

The blood-spattered Bunnyman has won a place in the rogue's gallery of American horror fiction. But is the story based on fact? Who was the Bunnyman? And is he still out there?

Our quest to identify the legendary Bunnyman led us through a maze of myth, mystery and murder.
Prepare to enter a wonderland of nightmares, where nothing is what it seems.


  • Donnie Darko, Flower Films,2001, written and directed by Richard Kelly.
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls (Donnie Darko cinema scene), Steven Baker and Carmen Daye.
  • Killing Moon, Echo & The Bunnymen (Sergeant, McCulloch, Pattinson and de Freitas). Produced by David Lord, Korova, 1984. 
  • Bunnyman, Osiris Entertainment, 2011, produced and directed by  Carl Lindbergh.

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Walter Chadwick: A Rival Of Jack The Ripper?

Walter ChadwickJack the Ripper was the Devil incarnate. He rose to notoriety from among the countless demons who preyed on the poor and vulnerable of Victorian London. But whereas Jack was driven by unexplained, dark urges, his contemporaries killed and mutilated their victims in the course of more mundane crimes. 

These were the robbers and housebreakers who plagued the metropolis. They were quick to resort to violence and the homicide rate soared. London's police struggled to contain an epidemic of lawlessness unrivalled until the rise of the gangsters in 1920s America.

Two cases, in particular, horrified the citizens of London. Both were senseless acts of violence, committed by a psychopath who clearly killed for the sake of killing. One man was suspected of both murders. But would the Metropolitan Police find enough evidence to hang him? 

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